Soul For Real

The sensational R&B group Soul for Real consists of Jason, Andre, Brian, and Chris Dalyrimple.  Being away from the music industry for a stint has presented many challenges and changes for the group. It has been a very humbling experience to go from what appeared to be a ‘rags to riches’ story in their teen years to where they are today. They had the fame and but not necessarily the fortune… At least, until now they didn’t realize the fortune that they truly possess.
Today, despite legal matters involving Brian and other issues that the they have been through, the group is back together with a new album ‘Journey’ in the works. A name that really personifies their story; “it’s been quite a journey”.
Soul for Real is best known for their 1995 chart topping, platinum selling album Candy Rain, which included top singles such as Candy Rain, If You Want It, and Every Little Thing I Do, that blazed across radio stations nationwide. The group released a sophomore album in 1996 entitled For Life, which was followed by a third album Heat; released independently in 1999. After a long break from recording, the group is back at it again. Staying grounded, keeping the right perspective and with the momentum building, it won’t be long before Soul For Real is back on top!