How to book with us

  1. Fill out our booking form or visit our Contact Page next
  2. One of our Booking Agents will contact you directly
  3. Decide on an Artist for Booking along with City and State and Date
  4. We will contact and verify with Artist Management or Artist Representative if the Artist is Available for the date and the market on your behalf
  5. If Artist is available, we will request that you go to our website of ( and to fill out the formal booking request form.  If Artist is not available we will ask you to select another Artist.
  6. Once the offer is received, we will contact management and negoitate the deal with the Artist Management or Representative on your behalf
  7. If the offer is accepted then we will issue an booking agreement contract.
  8. To confirm the date a full deposit is required and all paperwork requested by management (i.e. Artist Rider) is signed off on electronically
  9. You will receive a signed agreement by Artist Management or Representative

  1. If you don't have any of the following Graphic Designer for Marketing material, Media for Video or Radio/TV Commercials, Event Coordination we have the services at On The Rox Entertainment, LLC to assist (Separate fee from booking) - ADDITIONAL SERVICES WE PROVIDE AT ON THE ROX ENTERTAINMENT
  2. Promoter, Event Coordinator and etc. is responsible for booking any and all Travel, Hotels and/or Local Ground Transportation
  3. On The Rox Entertainment is requesting within 2 or 3 weeks prior to the event is to prepare or provide the Day of Sheets (Artist Information Sheet) Note this information can and will be asked throughout the bookings i.e. Sound Company, Backline Company and etc.
  4. Once the Artist Information Sheet or Band Production Sheet is 95% to 100% filled out then you will be in direct contact with Artist Management or Representative team.
  5. Once the Artist is in the city you pay them the balance (Some exceptions my apply to before the artist is in the city but will be determined at the time of booking)

15. Promoter makes money | 16. Contact On The Rox to inform us how things went

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